Miynie, Great Deity of Magic

Miynie is the all powerful deity of mortal magic. She is the reason mortals have access to such arts, and is the mother of the Kina - a purely magical race. Miynie has a trickster’s heart and thus when she split herself into eight pieces, she kept Illusion magic for herself. She uses it’s powers to toy with mortals, offering them challenges that only mages could hope to conquer. It is said that all mortals gifted with magic are touched by Miynie, given the gift for a purpose - though many will fail to fulfill it.

Much like Temos - but long after Temos appeared - Miynie was not created by any of the deities. Not purposefully, at least. Instead, Miynie was pieced together over time as a byproduct of creation. When Fortuna was created, the idea of Miynie came with it, popping into existence. This makes her older than all deities save for Fayana and Moann -- which is strange as Miynie chooses to take the form of children most often.

With the creation of each new deity, Miynie grew stronger.

First was the births of Sriae and Khades, deities of light and darkness. Divination to see the Light of truth, and Illusion to shroud the truth with Darkness appeared in the mist of new magic. It glowed, but none of the deities noticed it’s presence.

Then came Veira and Paiia, deities of Wisdom and Strength. The mist absorbed the waste from these births, taking in Enchantment to will the minds of others, and Evocation to destroy all it could see. The mist pulsed and grew larger, but still - not one of the deities took notice.

After was Ayniea and Streike, rulers over the lives and deaths of mortals. Their mother, Moann, might have seen the mist hungrily reaching for the leftover essence, but she was too consumed with her new plans and ideals. So the mist consumed more - conjuration, to create something anew, and necromancy, the power over the ides of death. Mortals now noticed the mists from their ships as they sailed to map the world. Down, far in the south west was a cloud of it. The deities took no care.

Next was Fiorre, born of Veira to protect the mortals of the world from Paiia’s rage, and to finally bring peace to Fortuna. Fiorre’s creation was messy, with the new deity falling into a permanent sleep after accomplishing her task - and so the mist reached to the north and fed off the sleeping thing, learning the magics of Abjuration to protect one’s self and others. Finally the deities took notice, and began to wonder what this mist was. Each accused the other of creating it, but none would take the blame. They agreed for Paiia to watch over the mist, as with the presence of Veira and Fiorre, her reign over mortals was much slighter.

Finally came the birth of Diassei, a deity born of Paiia in order to take revenge upon Veira and restore the balance of the world, removing world peace once more. Paiia had little care as she made Diassei, wishing only to infuse it with greed, jealousy, and wrath that could consume the hearts of mortals. She did not watch her charge as instructed, and did not see how the mist grew as it fed off of energies. It absorbed Transmutation from Diassei, the power to change the properties of something, to make rich what was once poor. Paiia did not notice until the mist burst and consumed all of southern continent Eleusia, leaving a cloud in its wake that Paiia and her new child could not calm. Panicked, Paiia tried all she could to quell the mist, but it was too late. It began to spread across the globe, and the deities came to her - angry at her failure to contain the mist, angrier when they saw the presence of Diassei, who’s eyes glinted with pleasure as the mortal world was consumed by mist.

The mist did much to change the world. It mutated animals into monsters, creatures impossible to evolve and only to imagine. It infused magic into the very core of Fortuna, turning mountains upside-down, casting lakes into mirrors, making trees taste of candy. It touched the people of Fortuna, it gave them a knowledge they had never been allowed before - knowledge of powers reserved only for gods. This mist gave the people of Fortuna magic.

When the mist finally cleared, the deities finally saw it’s cause: Miynie. A small, beautiful girl with every colour of the world in her hair, eyes, and skin, a girl who appeared as something new to each of the deities, a girl that smiled bashfully at the deities.

Hello, my sisters.

Were the first words it spoke, and the world was changed.

It took centuries for the world to adjust to its new powers, and in that time the deities had attempted to befriend Miynie, make her their ally, to ensure they had the ability to one-up their sisters and mothers. Miynie rejected most of this, however. She accepted friendship, love, and adoration, but refused every request they made of her. The deities realized that this new deity was far more powerful than any of them - perhaps even more powerful than Fayana and Moann. They needed to break her into pieces, separate the magics within her, cripple her. It was their only hope of retaining power.

Sriae and Khades were asked to prevent Miynie from using divination to see their plans, to shroud or misdirect it. The two maintained a close friendship with the little girl, allowing her to play with them and their mortals in order to distract her from the secret happenings of the celestial world.

For these centuries, the other deities worked on a solution. With Temos’ help they came up mystical devices meant to tear the magic out of a person, from that, each deity would be responsible for turning them into gods - that way, Miynie could not reabsorb them. With the plan ready, the deities requested for Sriae and Khades to hold a tea party for Miynie’s birthday - both her favourite day and type of event.

Each of them attended, save Fiorre who slept eternally, and Ayniea who stood as a tree in Aurcaele. They offered the grandest of gifts to the small Miynie, delighting her gluttonous spirit. When the time was right - they struck.

Streike touched the girl to stop her soul, using her necromantic powers. Fayana and Moann encased her in an orb of water and earth to prevent her speaking magic words. Paiia and Diassei focused their strength on the small girl, to paralyze her. Finally, Temos brought forth the device.

Dear Miynie, your power is too great for one soul. We do not do this out of hate, or fear. This is an act of love, please understand.

Temos moved to activate the device, but before she could, it flew out of her hands and across the room. Sriae and Khades went to reach for it, but Miynie made it disappear as her eyes began to glow. She screamed and shattered the earth and water holding her, and nodded missiles at Diassei and Paiia to stop their control of her body. Streike continued to attempt her control of the girl’s soul, but Miynie made a fist with one hand and took Streike’s instead, the death god’s body going limp. She looked at her sisters, the anger in her eyes fuming, and spoke:

You are right. I am too powerful.

She dropped her control on the other deities, and then smiled.

All you had to do was ask, sillies.

With those words, red, green, yellow, blue, purple, white and black all flowed out of Miynie. They formed seven new faces, seven new gods that would control the different kinds of magic. An orange light soon followed, and a withered old hand reached out to grab it, pulling it back into a body that was quickly aging.

I think that I shall keep this one.

The light returned to her, and the young child appeared once more, now standing in line with the seven fresh-faced gods of Evocation, Enchantment, Conjuration, Transmutation, Abjuration, Divination, and Necromancy -- Miynie would keep control of Illusion for herself.

Long after this, and after the war of the gods, Miynie would never be seen by most of the other deities again -- it is said she walks in the mortal world under many guises, human and beast. She tricks mortals, gives them puzzles, leads them into trouble, but never for evil - it’s simply for fun.

Fun was what lead to her gathering a cult of followers who would believe any lie she spoke - so long as she coated it with illusion. Temos, confused why so many mortals had lost the ability to be curious, to think past the surface, to solve problems on their own, descended herself, and was shocked to find Miynie. She confronted the deity about abusing her powers, but Miynie claimed she was simply showing the truth of their hearts, they believed what they wanted to - and that was more important than the truth.

Temos, knowing Miynie could not resist a game, issued a challenge to her: They would choose a gentleman of the realm who was looking for a wife. Miynie would cast her illusions on a potential bride, making her seem beautiful and more than she was; while Temos would give her bride the gifts of wit, intellect, and cunning. The winner would be whomever the man chose - without any other interference.

In their first test, the man chose Miynie’s bride. He was enraptured by her beauty, and could not resist the charms she offered. Please with her success, Miynie tore away the illusion after their marriage and laughed as the man became shocked at what he had done. Temos, on the other hand, allowed her bride to retain the gifts.

They tried a second time, a third, a fourth - each time, Miynie won. With only one more attempt remaining, Temos was growing tired. She was saddened by the idea that perhaps Miynie was right, and the mortals of the world cared little for the questions she would offer, and much preferred the simplicity of Miynie’s lies. Still, she gave her bride the gifts of wit, intellect, and cunning, and this time - Temos won. It was only a single victory, but it proved to Temos that not all mortals were as blind as Miynie claimed, and this was all she could have wanted.

Miynie, whose hunger for victory had clouded all judgment, was furious and gathered her followers. Half of them she turned against all the followers of Temos, let them see Temos’ followers as monsters and demons. Though common sense should have told Miynie’s followers that Temos would not be followed by hordes of demons, they blindly trusted Miynie’s words and what they saw.

The war was bloody and horrific even in the small scale it was. Miynie’s followers won, but the illusions on the opponents had fallen, and they realised that they had been fooled by the goddess. Angry, they blasphemed her - offending her once again. Miynie simply snared the rest of her followers with more lies, had them kill those who had just found Temos’ followers.

After her final display of power that granted her a violent victory, Miynie vanished again, continuing in her wandering and never appearing quite so obviously again. Instead, she keeps her tricks simple, and retains followers by - on rare occasions - selecting a Chosen One to lead her people, or stop the world from being destroyed. At all other times, one can expect she is playing games with the mortals, and gifting them with power over magic.